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Generation Next Childcare, LLC

Quality Child Care Service for GENERATIONS to come!


Thanks for considering Generation Next Child Care!

We encourage children of all backgrounds to enroll. Generation Next Child Care does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, creed, national origin, physical development or ethnic background.

Eligibility: Any child 3 months - 5 years of age may be registered for enrollment in the program at any time based on space availability and interview process. 

Registration Fee: $35 non-refundable registration fee. This fee covers; interview preparation. Parent handbook assembly & postage fees/materials and your child's start up educational material, if enrolled.

This fee is due to book interview.

Holding Fee: Applies to families who can not enroll on posted start date or wants to hold future start opening. You will be required to submit a $50 weekly holding fee to secure the spot.

  • This non-refundable, non-transferrable fee guarantee's your space within GNCC's program to begin on future start date.
  • ie.) If GNCC has a start date of September 4th but you aren't able to start until Oct 8th; due to pregnancy, withdrawal from another school/daycare, etc: A $50.00/week fee will be required to hold that space. In this case; this family is delayed 5 weeks. The total of $250 would need to be submitted.

*This fee is separate from security deposit and other fees and will be credited to your account up to $700*

Security Deposit : $200 fee is secures your spot. It is separate from other fees and will be applied to the last week of care.

  • This fee is due soon as your decision is made to join the GNCC family. Until submitted, opening is up for grabs to other prospective families

Enrollment Process: Interviews are by appointment only! Fridays at 6:15pm. We do not conduct interviews during daycare hours. No exceptions. Call or email to schedule.

The following forms are required in order to enroll your child into GNCC. Feel free to bring all forms with you to begin the process of registration.*

*Submission of Registration form DOES NOT guarantee admission in GNCC.

** Parent Handbook will be given to parent after security deposit is submitted

Once you decide to enroll your child into GNCC. We may meet at least two (2) times before your child's first day of enrollment:

  1. - Tour of daycare, Q & A time, documentation distribution, submit security deposit, if interested.*Not required but highly suggested, that you bring your child to the interview, This helps he or she get acquainted with new child care setting and providers.
  2. - Return of documentation, submit security deposit, more Q & A's.
  3. - Return of documentation, submit first week's tuition, drop-off supplies, more Q & A's.

Children will be allowed to attend the program only after all forms have been completed and returned with proper payment. If a parent or guardian does not submit completed forms and payment by the child's start date, the parent/guardian will be responsible for payment of a holding fee in order to reserve the spot.

***Expecting (pregnant) & Delayed Enrollment (2-6 weeks delayment) Families can submit Letter of Intent to begin the enrollment process.***