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Generation Next Childcare

Quality Child Care Service for GENERATIONS to come!


2020 Update

  • GNCC can not open or remain open during power and water outages.

- At any point, if power and/or water is out for longer than 30 minutes, the parent or approved pick-up alternate will be notified and is responsible for picking up the child as soon as possible.

  • GNCC follows PG County's School system schedule, when it applies to weather related conditions.

- If PG schools are closed, GNCC will be closed also.

-Due to virtual learning, we will use our own discretion. Based on weather report, prediction time, inches, etc.

We will communicate by 6am day of.

- If we decide to open, it will be posted on this page, our facebook and/or NBC channel 4 news.

  • 2 hour delay= GNCC will open at 9am
  • Early Closing Policy: GNCC will notify parents, update Facebook & NBC channel 4 news. Parent or authorized pick-up person will be responsible to act on this policy as soon as you have been notified.



  • Tune into NBC channel 4 news or log in

**Please use your best judgement when deciding whether or not to attend daycare**

**If you feel as though you will not be able to pick-up your child by closing time, please refrain from attending daycare.**

Please note: Late pick-up/departure fees will be in effect.